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Children’s Ear Piercing

At The Piercing Urge we offer safe and professional ear piercing for children aged 6 and older. We believe that you should only trust trained professionals to pierce your child’s ears and with years of piercing experience we can assure you that they will be in great hands.

We understand that getting your ears pierced can be quite a daunting feeling for a child so our friendly professionals will create a fun and non-threatening experience for them. We only use single use sterile piercing needles for all piercings, never piercing guns, because single use needles make for a less painful, more precise piercing. Not to mention we only use the safest and highest quality jewellery, ensuring you confidence and total peace of mind.
For information on why piercing guns are not safe please visit the following link:

Plus, from Tuesday through to Saturday every week, we offer tandem piercing for your child’s ears (via appointment only). This means that we have 2 piercers who can each do one ear at the same time. We find this is the best way of piercing children’s ears as it makes for a faster and more pleasant experience.

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  • Gabrielle van den Bergen
    Extremely professional team. They have excellent hygiene and sterile field practices as well as fantastic knowledge of their craft. I have patronised the studio since the mid 90s for jewelry and re-piercing of my lip in circa 2001. So when my kids asked for ear piercings for Christmas I was very pleased to take my kids to the studio to have them done. Organising was easy via web form and email. Prompt courteous replies even with the public holidays. Clear information on cost and the required paperwork for consent prior to the appointment and an SMS reminder. The team stepped my kids through each step of the process, explaining each one at an age appropriate level, including the instruments and exactly why they were doing each thing. Consent was sought from my kid explicitly at each stage to proceed. Kid #2 - first piercing - was very pleased with the process/outcome and said it was less painful than having an immunization. Kid #1 - second piercing - also very pleased and said it was a better experience than the piercer they chose last time with their friends. Aftercare explanation was clear and the kids were able to ask questions. Booklet provided was read with great intensity. A great experience for my kids and super easy for me as a parent.
    Gabrielle van den Bergen