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A curated ear is a purposeful collection of piercings and jewellery, arranged in the ear to compliment both your unique anatomy and your personal style.

The Piercing Urge has always been Melbourne’s favourite and most trusted place to get your ear curated. With our extensive range of jewellery and experienced body piercers, you can be sure that your curated ear will be something you love. Our world-renowned team of stylists are experts in both ear styling and piercing who can work with you, your style, and your goals to achieve something beautiful.

There are endless combinations of piercing placements and jewellery designs for you to explore. The most stunning ears are not only a reflection of great style, but also suit the flow of your natural anatomy and function in your daily lifestyle. An experienced piercer is the most important element in determining anatomy and lifestyle factors when it comes to big projects like these, which is why it’s important to only trust a professional with your personal ear curation journey.

Ear curation is a process and well healed piercings are a key component in the long-term enjoyment of your curation. It’s important to let the body heal as you add new piercings, so collecting multiple piercings over time will ensure the healing goes smoothly. At The Piercing Urge your safety is our priority. You be cared for by highly trained and experienced piercers who won’t compromise on your health or well-being. Let our skilled team guide you along each step of your journey so you can achieve your piercing goals safely.

Our jewellery is made from the only safest materials because we believe that the quality of your jewellery is extremely important. Our studio boasts the largest range of solid 14k gold body jewellery from BVLA in the southern hemisphere. BVLA are the world’s leading manufacturer of precious metal body jewellery. All pieces are hand crafted by expert jewellers, safe for even the most sensitive skin and designed with comfort and healing in mind.

Whether you are looking to add something delicate and subtle or something bold that makes a statement, our collection has it all. Our team can assist you in choosing beautiful pieces that compliment both your unique anatomy and your personal style, so you can build the perfect set. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to the best piercings and most beautiful jewellery available and we are dedicated to making that happen.

Whether you are looking to begin your piercing journey, or to re-style some old piercings, you can be assured that you will be in great hands here at The Piercing Urge. What are you waiting for? Start your curated ear today and experience The Piercing Urge difference.

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