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About The Piercing Urge

The Piercing Urge was established in 1991 to meet the small but growing need for safe installation of body jewellery in Melbourne. What started off as a small piercing studio above an adult bookstore has now evolved into one of the most highly trusted, respected and reputable body art studios in Melbourne.

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Body Piercing

For many years, The Piercing Urge has proudly provided Melbourne with the safest and highest quality jewellery, paired with the most up-to-date techniques in the industry. We pride ourselves on being the most precise and hygienic piercing studio in Melbourne and strive to give everyone an incredible piercing, as well as a pleasant, positive experience. We have both male and female body piercers, so if you have a preference for one or the other, we can happily accommodate your needs.

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Body Jewellery

Looking for a wide range of stylish and high-quality body jewellery? Here at The Piercing Urge, we stock jewellery from the world’s leading manufacturers, in a variety of colours and styles. All our body jewellery is made from the safest materials available on the market for body piercing.

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We offer friendly and experienced tattooing services in our comfortable, quiet environment. The great diversity of style and artistry amongst our tattoo artists ensures you will be able to find someone to meet your needs and vision. Whether you’re looking for a simple symbol or a custom-made tattoo design, we’ve got you covered!

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Scarification is the art of creating a scar on the skin, in the shape of a symbol, picture or word, as permanent body modification. Scarification can be made by either cutting or branding the skin, and when done well it can have stunning results. The Piercing Urge, Prahran, is one of the only few studios in Australia that offers professional, clean and safe scarification as a service. Our scarification artist, Pete Sheringham, has been with The Piercing Urge since 1992. Not only is Pete an expert in scarification, but he is also one of Australia’s longest servicing body piercers.

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  • Sarah Culliford
    Had my septum done today, girls are awesome – very professional and friendly. If you want a perfect and high-quality piercing, I highly recommend to go here, it’s worth paying that little extra for this experience.
    Sarah Culliford
  • James Brennan
    Had my tattoo here and had a great experience, with a great tattoo and really professional staff. Highly recommend seeing them!
    James Brennan
  • Tegan Louise
    Had my nipples pierced here. Greatly knowledgeable staff, especially when faced with somewhat difficult anatomy. Very professional, felt comfortable during the whole process. I travelled three hours to be pierced here, and it was definitely worth it.
    Tegan Louise
  • Varya Koltsov
    Got a piercing done here. Appointment was quick and professional. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful, and the jewellery selection was high quality and beautiful. Will definitely be back!
    Varya Koltsov
  • Heather Moses
    I went to The Piercing Urge today to get my nose pierced OMG!! How pleasantly surprised I was in how quick and painless it was. Peter was very knowledgeable and made me feel very much at ease. Thank you so much – I highly recommend The Piercing Urge and gladly give them 5 stars
    Heather Moses
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