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Biohacking is increasing in popularity as technology develops. Many people like to use RFID microchips for unlocking doors and devices, starting vehicles, storing personal information, and proving links to websites and documents.

While not technology experts ourselves, The Piercing Urge offers safe installation of RFID microchip implants.

Your practitioner will work with you to find a location that will be the most comfortable for your anatomy and the natural movement of your body, with minimisation of scarring in mind. Your practitioner will also ensure it is in an effective placement that is easy to read so that the chip functions as needed.

Your practitioner will ensure that your experience is as comfortable and quick as possible; utilising calming breathing exercises and walking you through the entire process to ensure any of your questions or concerns are addressed. We pride ourselves on providing an efficient and calming procedure environment, whether this is your first piercing experience or your hundredth.

The installation creates only a small, fast-healing wound which your practitioner will explain how to appropriately care for. You can return to your normal day straight afterwards with no need for a recovery period, and your chip will be ready to use immediately. We find that RFID implants are commonly a first piercing experience and clients assure us that it was easier than expected, often coming back for another!

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