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Professional staff dedicated to providing body art of the highest quality in a clean, comfortable and safe environment.

The staff in our studios are all highly trained to provide the highest quality body piercing and scarification services available in Australia. They are not only trained in all aspects of body art techniques and sterile procedures, but are fully conversant with all the various types and designs of body jewellery, scarification, and can answer your questions and advise you on what is best suited to your needs.

They are also very friendly and experts at guiding you through your piercing and scarification experience with understanding and compassion. All of our staff have body art of one kind or another so they know what you are going through!


(she/her) | Studio Manager & Body Piercer | @piercersuzanne

After spending years awe inspired by both the shock and the beauty of body piercing, Suzanne began her career in 2012. She joined The Piercing Urge in 2015 where she now specialises in large gauge and genital piercings as well as ear styling and curation. Suzanne is very passionate about body piercing, education, and the piercing industry. She is always aspiring to improve her practises and can often be found teaching and mentoring other piercers. Suzanne has always been drawn to the transformative and identity claiming aspect of body piercing, and she admires the ability to adorn the body with either a subtle decoration or a big statement. Suzanne’s passion for body piercing extends beyond the studio and into her volunteer work with The Australasian United Professional Piercers (The AuPP), which is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to body piercing health and safety.

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(she/her) | Body Piercer | @piercedheartt

Beginning her piercing career in 2012, Eloise joined The Piercing Urge team in 2015. She specialises in ear curation, jewellery styling, children’s lobes, enhancing unique anatomy, vulva piercings, and is adapt at catering to folks who may be anxious or first-time piercing clients. Aside from piercing, Eloise is passionate about cooking, making art, exploring nature, all things ooky, spooky, creepy and crawly, and is a sucker for a good pun. Show her your pet photos and you’ll be best friends forever!

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(she/they) | Body Piercer | @emilyvonspoopypiercing

As a teenager Emily was captivated with the ability to permanently modify your body. She then spent a couple of years hanging out in piercing shops, hoping someone would teach her how, until she finally began piercing in 2016. Emily’s passion for the craft drives her creativity and enjoyment of unique piercings and wild ear curations. She connects with the emotional aspect of piercing and loves to be a part of experiences that can create permanent modification to the body, and emotional connection between the practitioner and the client. Emily is also very skilled at creative gothic makeup, and you may have the joy of seeing one of her amazing looks in the studio one day.

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(she/they) | Body Piercer | @jessica_rabid_piercers

Jessica grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand and entered their career path as a body piercer in 2010. Over the years she has travelled around the world working in some of the industry’s leading studios. Jessica’s career and travels have allowed them to explore many aspects of body modification. She is exceptionally adept in genital and large gauge piercings and she also enjoys many other advanced piercing projects and bespoke ear styling. Parallel to their piercing career Jessica is also an active member of the international music industry, and they have even hosted their own radio show! Jessica is passionate about supporting the LBGTQIA+ community, and likes to dabble in jewellery crafting.

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(she/her) | Body Piercer | @piercingsbyebs

Ebs began piercing professionally in 2018 after spending her teenage years dreaming of being a part of the industry. She is obsessed with furthering her knowledge and growing her skills. Her favourite thing about piercing is allowing clients to have consent and independence over their body and the opportunity to feel more comfortable in their own skin through self-expression. Need something to get your mind off of piercing fears? You can chat to Ebs about video games, anime and animals!

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(they/them) | Body Piercer | @piercedbykay_

Kay had always been interested in body modification. They took huge interest in body piercing as a teenager and began their career in 2018. Since then they have enjoyed being able to make connections with clients and help them feel more comfortable in their own skin. Kay’s favourite piercings to do are nipples, and all things ears (especially conches!) They are also a massive Marvel, Star Wars, and Lego nerd.

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