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Vulva Piercing

The Piercing Urge offers a range of vulva piercings for all people who wish to explore them. It’s important to know that there are many normal variations in anatomy, and not every vulva is suited to every piercing. Our professional and experienced piercers can easily assess your anatomy and see which piercings will suit your anatomy, as well as your lifestyle and piercing goals.

Vertical Clitoral Hood

This is by far the most popular vulva piercing. The piercing is made through the loose tissue that covers the clitoris but does not pass through the clitoris itself. A VCH piercing is usually done with a curved barbell so that the bottom bead will rest on the clitoris, which can provide extra clitoral stimulation. Many people like this piercing for its visual appeal as well.

Horizontal Clitoral Hood

Like the VCH, the Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing is also made through the loose tissue that covers the clitoris. Usually done with a captive bead ring so that the bead rests against the clitoris, again it can provide extra clitoral stimulation. If you’re looking for just a little bit extra, but not too much, a HCH piercing is a good option for you.

Inner Labia Piercing

This piercing is just that, a piercing through the inner labia. These can be very beautiful, decorative piercings and are usually done in pairs, or sets of 4 or 6. Inner Labia Piercings tend to be quite quick and easy to heal, and are usually worn with captive bead rings or circular barbells in them.

Outer Labia Piercing

Very similar to the inner labia piercing in that they are usually done in pairs or sets, however outer labia piercings can take a lot longer to heal than inner labia piercings, and usually need to be done with thicker, larger rings. Outer labia piercings can be very beautiful and decorative too, and they are also popular for chastity play.

Triangle Piercing

Triangle piercings are done deep into the tissue behind the clitoral shaft. Successfully done, these can provide stimulation behind the clitoris and clitoral shaft, and can even work in addition to a hood piercing. These are usually done with a circular barbell for comfort.

Fourchette Piercing

A fourchette piercing is placed in the loose tissue below the vaginal opening. This is quite a unique piercing but can also be fun. Jewellery options for a fourchette piercing include everything from barbells to captive bead rings.

Christina Piercing

A Christina piercing is placed through the fold of tissue at the bottom of the pubic mound, where the 2 outer labia come to meet. This very decorative piercing can only be done on specific anatomy, and can be done with a few different styles of jewellery to suit each person’s anatomy and desires. There is also a gigantic range of decorative jewellery that can be worn in a Christina piercing.

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