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Australian Piercing, Tattoo and Body Art informationThe following section contains a range of frequently asked questions and answers about body art and our studio.


  1. Does it hurt to get pierced?
  2. Will it hurt after the piercing is done?
  3. How will my piercing be done?
  4. Why shouldn’t I get pierced with a gun?
  5. Will my piercing bleed?
  6. What is the risk of infection?
  7. What about “rejection”?
  8. How long will my piercing take to heal?
  9. I am pregnant, can I get a piercing?
  10. What is the best metal to use?
  11. How old do you need to be to get pierced or tattooed?
  12. How should I care for my piercing afterwards?
  13. 101 things every person getting pierced should know before.
  14. 101 things every piercer should know.
  15. How much do you charge?
  16. What are your contact details?


Does it HURT to get pierced?

The short answer is “Not really”. There will be in most cases a quick sting but unless you are overly sensitive no real pain.

If however you are pierced by someone inexperienced then you may well experience some pain.

We only use “blade” needles and not catheter needles so straight away your piercing will be much more comfortable due to not having to stretch the piercing around the plastic sheath of the catheter needle.

Also over the 21 years we have been in business we have refined techniques so much that your piercing will be a pleasant experience.


Will it hurt after the piercing is done?

Most piercees say they are in no pain after the piercing but if the piercing is knocked or bumped it may hurt a little, similar to when you bump a bruise


How will my piercing be done?

All of the piercings are done using sterile disposable piercing needles. For some of the piercings we use small clamps to hold the area still, these clamps are only placed on gently and shouldn’t hurt at all, For some other piercings we use needle receiving tubes and others are just done freehand.

Once the piercing is done the jewellery is then smoothly inserted in to the piercing behind the needle.


Why shouldn’t I get pierced with a gun?

Stud guns are all kinds of wrong and if you want to know more about why we suggest you go and have a read on where they will in detail provide a plethora of info on them.


Will my piercing bleed?

Any piercing can bleed, however most don’t or if they do it is only for a few seconds. The main exception to this rule is the Prince Albert, which may bleed a fair bit during the first 24-48 hours; if your piercing does bleed just apply gentle pressure with clean tissues until it stops.


What is the risk of infection?

With any open wound there is a risk of infection however we will only use sterile equipment on you and do your piercing in the most hygienic way possible. That said once you leave us it is up to you to care for it correctly and not let the fresh piercing come in to contact with anything dirty or potentially contaminated. (Note, in 21 years we have only seen a handful of actual infections and they always been traced back to the piercing being looked after poorly)


What about “rejection”?

In a very small amount of instances the body can identify the jewellery as a foreign object and successfully push it out of the body. This is great if you have a splinter but not if you want a piercing. Not all piercings are susceptible to it, which is good news for some. Generally piercings most at risk are Eyebrow, unsuitable Navels and Nipples and surface piercings performed with incorrect jewellery (however with surface piercing even the right jewellery can result in rejection. If you piercing is rejecting you will notice the jewellery slowly becoming more visible. If you think this is happening to your piercing you should come and see us as soon as possible.


How long will my piercing take to heal?

Most piercings take 2-3 weeks to initially heal and then take a further 6-8 weeks or more to toughen up.

During the initial stages of healing a fistula or wall of new skin is formed in the piercing, the toughening up period is when this fistula gets thicker and tougher.


I am pregnant, can I get a piercing?

If you are pregnant or nursing you should wait until finished before getting pierced. This stops the potential risk of the infant picking up any potential infect that could (in the most unlikely event of an infection) be passed on. The risk is very small but there so it’s best to play it safe.


What is the best metal to use?

This is generally NOT anything you find on eBay. Beware of buying body jewellery online, as you in most cases have no idea what you are getting.

Taken directly from the website,

  • Steel that is ASTM F138 compliant or ISO 5832-1 compliant
  • Steel that is ISO 10993-6, 10993-10, and/or 10993-11 compliant (EEC Nickel Directive compliant (Note: EEC compliance alone is not acceptable))
  • Titanium (Ti6Al4V ELI) that is ASTM F136 compliant or ISO 5832-3 compliant
  • Titanium that is ASTM F67 compliant
  • Solid 14 carat or higher nickel-free white or yellow gold
  • Solid nickel-free platinum alloy
  • Niobium (Nb)
  • Fused quartz glass, lead-free borosilicate or lead-free soda-lime glass
  • Polymers (plastics) as follows:
    • Tygon® Medical Surgical Tubing S-50HL or S-54HL
    • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that is ASTM F754-00 compliant
    • Any plastic material that is ISO 10993-6, 10993-10 and/or 10993-11 compliant and/or meets the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Class VI material classification.
  • All threaded or press-fit jewellery must have internal tapping (no threads on posts).
  • For body jewellery purposes, surfaces and ends must be smooth, free of nicks, scratches, burrs, polishing compounds and metals must have a consistent mirror finish.


How old do you need to be to get pierced or tattooed?

In Victoria you must be over 18 years old to get tattooed or get any “intimate” piercings. This is regardless on parental permissions.

At 16 years old (photo id required) you can get any other piercing however we will not do large gauge punching or scalpelling.

Under 16 years must have a parent present and we will take a copy of their Photo Id


How should I care for my piercing afterwards?

You can view the aftercare instructions and information in PDF format by clicking here.


101 things every person getting pierced should know before.

View 101 Things Every Person Getting Pierced Should Know BEFORE Getting A Piercing here in PDF format.


101 things every piercer should know.

View 101 Things Every Piercer Should Know here in PDF format.


How much do you charge?

Prices vary, some pieces are done by the hour and others are done at a set rate.

Each artist sets their own rate and this can be discussed during a consultation or by email,


Any More Questions? Contact The Piercing Urge

If you have any further questions or want to make a booking, feel free to contact The Piercing Urge on 03 9530 2244 or send your enquiry.


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