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Professional staff dedicated to providing body art of the highest quality in a clean, comfortable and safe environment.

The staff in our studios are all highly trained to provide the highest quality body piercing, tattooing and scarification services available in Australia. They are not only trained in all aspects of body art techniques and sterile procedures, but are fully conversant with all the various types and designs of body jewellery, tattoos, scarification, and can answer your questions and advise you on what is best suited to your needs.

They are also very friendly and experts at guiding you through your piercing, tattoo and scarification experience with understanding and compassion. All of our staff have body art of one kind or another so they know what you are going through!

We employ both male and female body piercers and tattoo artists so that if you have a preference for one or the other we can happily accommodate your needs.

Pete Sheringham

Owner, Body Piercer and Scarification Artist

Pete has been with The Piercing Urge since 1992 and is one of Australia’s longest servicing body piercers. Pete is also a scarification artist and specialises in genital piercing. When not at work he is a volunteer fire fighter with the CFA in Edithvale and enjoys long walks along the beach with his dog Phoebe.

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Body Piercer

After a lifelong love of body piercing Suzanne began her career in 2012 and worked in a couple of other studios before joining the team here at The Piercing Urge in 2015. She enjoys doing genital piercings, large gauge piercings, stretching piercings and anything a little bit “out there”, although her favourite thing about body piercing is the power that it can have to completely change someone’s life.

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Body Piercer

Specialising in ear projects and designing unique jewellery sets for unique anatomy.

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Apprentice Body Piercer

Nick started his apprenticeship here at The Piercing Urge in May 2016. He loves learning about piercing and his goal is to continue expanding his knowledge so he can give all his current and future clients the best possible experience. Aside from piercing, Nick also loves a good gig and the perfect burrito.

Fiona Skipper

Tattoo Artist

Hailing from New Zealand, Fiona has been tattooing since 2008. This crazy cat lady joined The Piercing Urge team in early 2014 and she specialises in illustrative, soft coloured tattoos with an emphasis on nature, animals and female characters.

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Tattoo Artist

Kiera learned how to tattoo in Korea in 2016 before moving to Australia and joining The Piercing Urge team in late 2017. Kiera's style is a mixture of Japanese and Neo Traditional, and mostly she likes to tattoo cats even though she is allergic to them.

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Pat Toussaint

Tattoo Artist

Pat Toussaint has been tattooing since 2013, he is comfortable and experienced in all styles though he specialises in stylised realism with a mix of bold and fine lines. He moved from Canberra to Melbourne in 2017 with his adorable puppy Raphael.

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