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Enjoy an incredible deal with great specials at The Piercing Urge studio.

At The Piercing Urge, we believe that everyone should get the safe, quality piercing they deserve, no matter what their budget is. This is why for each day that we are open, we offer a discount on a different type of piercing. These specials run all week, every week, so there’s no missing out!

Half Price Piercing Specials

  • Monday: Oral Piercings (Lip, Labret, Tongue, etc.)
  • Tuesday: “Tight Arse Tuesday” (see below for details)
  • Wednesday: Ear Cartilage (Helix, Tragus, Daith, etc)
  • Thursday: Nostril
  • Friday: Nipple
  • Saturday: Navel

Please note that you must mention the sale at the time of your piercing in order to get the discount. These sales do not include jewellery and jewellery must be purchased from The Piercing Urge at the time of the piercing. No further discounts apply and these cannot be used in conjunction with any other deal or discount. These piercings will be performed by fully trained Piercing Urge staff.

Tight Arse Tuesday

Have you been putting off getting that piercing you really want because you just don’t have the cash? Then why not come in on a Tight Arse Tuesday! Simply tell us “I am a tight arse” at the time of your appointment and we will sympathise with you and do the piercing for you for HALF PRICE! Still the same great service, done with the highest quality jewellery, but as less of a cost to you.

Please note that some exclusions apply. You must tell us that you are a ‘tight arse’ in order to get the deal.

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