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Triangle and Fourchette Piercing

Triangle and Fourchette Piercing professionals with best prices Melbourne AustraliaFourchette Piercing

The Fourchette is placed at the base of the vaginal entrance where a thin ‘lip’ of skin exists connecting to the perineum. Placement of a ring in this area can provide some erotic sensation, but because of its position and the pressures that can be put on it during intercourse healing can be difficult and it is not unusual for these piercings to reject.


Triangle Piercing

The Triangle piercing is a deep piercing behind the clitoris which can provide intense and extremely pleasurable stimulation to the back of the clitoris. Women cannot usually achieve this type of sensation i.e. usually stimulation is achieved via the front and sides, and therefore this piercing is quite desirable. However, your anatomy is crucial when deciding whether this piercing would be possible. An examination is necessary before considering this piercing.

Due to the depth of this piercing, healing time is often longer than for other female genital piercings and some discomfort may be experienced during the healing period. However, the women that have had this piercing done with The Piercing Urge say that it is a great piercing and that it provides extremely pleasurable sexual sensations.


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