The Piercing Urge

Tattooing Policies and FAQ

Before you enquire please keep in mind we get overwhelmed  with enquires each day, we will get back to your enquiry within 5 DAYS.

For your convenience we have listed a few of the most frequently asked questions and some information regarding what you will need in order to make an enquiry and to help make our bookings managers job a little easier!

Do I need to pay a deposit to book or have something designed?

Yes, we require a $100 minimum (depending on size of piece) deposit with all artists and appointments, this is taken at the time of booking and is used to secure your date with our artists.

*Please note deposits are non-refundable 
if you cancel your appointment (within 48 business hours) or do not show.

How much do you charge?

Each artist is priced to their speed and capability level. 

$150 an hour however most pieces get individually quoted or will be charged at a day rate which varies between artist however gives you a discount on the hourly rate. 

Please remember this is just a rough guideline, for an accurate quote you will need to send an enquiry through to our bookings manager.

Do you have eftpos?

We are cash only however, we can arrange Bank details for deposits

When are you open?

Opening times are from 11am to 7pm Monday to Wednesday
11am to 8pm Thursday to Friday
11am to 6pm Saturday.

What’s your availability?

Availabilities vary between artists, currently Fred opens his bookings every few months.

All of our other artists have waiting/cancellation lists that you can go on, if you are travelling or have specific dates in which you wish to come in please specify and our bookings manager will do their best to accommodate your needs.