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australian scarification studio and artistProfessional, clean and safe scarification services at The Piercing Urge studio.

Scarifcation is the art of branding, or cutting designs, pictures, or words into the skin as a permanent body modification. Pretty simple idea but if it is done right can have amazing results.

The Piercing Urge is one of only a small number of studios in Australia that offers a scarification service.


Strike Branding

Similar to the process used to brand livestock; a piece of metal is heated and pressed onto the skin for the brand. As a form of body art, strike branding is less preferable to other types because it is not precise and tends to spread greatly on healing, and is not advisable for curved areas of the body. More successful is the multi-strike brand, done piece by piece rather than all at once. For example, to get a V-shaped brand, two lines would be burned separately by a straight piece of metal, rather than by a V-shaped piece of metal.


Cautery Branding

This is a form of branding that uses a thermal cautery tool with a heated wire tip to cause the burns. We offer cautery branding at The Piercing Urge



Is the most common for of scarification we do as it lends itself do more detail than branding. If you check out our gallery you will see many cutting pieces that took on average 1-2 hours. Most people liken the sensation to tattooing.


Flesh Removal

When larger areas on skin are removed, this is the case with very large or solid areas are desired. With many designs there is a mixture of line cutting and removal to create an overall effect.


Scarification Portfolio

Click here to view our scarification portfolio, featuring our scarification artist Peter Sheringham.



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