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Surface Piercings

Surface piercings available at Piercing Urge Studio Melbourne AustraliaAdditionally available at The Piercing Urge is a range of high quality surface piercing services that are a little more on the wild side.

dermal anchor body piercing

Dermal Anchors

The newest kid on the block, dermal anchors. For the last few years, people have been experimenting with different jewellery and techniques to perfect single point piercing. Now we have a simple procedure and suitable jewellery making it safe and simple to have done. Dermal Anchors can be placed almost anywhere on the body and look fantastic. Imagine your friends faces when they see a Dermal Anchor and wonder where it comes out?

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Flesh Staples

Flesh staples are probably one of the more unusual forms of body piercing. Similar to a surface piercing, but the bar is on the outside rather than the inside of the body. These piercings can be more of a challenge to heal, but the results are very impressive. They can be done in a range of places, however careful consideration concerning the correct placement is important.

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Punch taper surface piercing

Surface Piercing

Punch and taper surface piercing is the most successful way to perform surface piercing. With this method piercing can be performed in areas that were previously impossible to heal such as the back of the neck and arms. We have experienced a dramatic increase in the success of surface piercings using this method and are excited to see piercings in places that were previously very temporary, staying put!

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