The Piercing Urge

Male Genital Piercings

Owing to the shape size and skin area of the male genitals, there are many more types of piercings and variations possible than for women.

Male Prince Albert piercing in head of penis - Male genital piercings Melbourne

Prince Albert

The Prince Albert or PA as it is usually known, is probably the most popular genital piercing for men. A piece of jewellery, usually a ring, is inserted from the underside of the penis at the ‘V’ of the glans through the wall of the urethra and exiting at the meatus or ‘eye’ of the head of the penis.

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The Frenum piercing is made on the underside of the penis through the loose skin just below the ‘V’ of the glans where the foreskin is (or used to be for those who are circumcised) attached. The piercing can provide heightened sensitivity for the wearer and/or his partner. Small rings can often be seen dangling from these piercings which are for decorative purposes only.

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The Ampallang piercing is common among the Dyak tribes of Borneo and is performed as a rite of passage primarily to enhance sexual pleasure for a man’s partner. In Dyak society, a woman can refuse to have sex with her husband if he is not wearing his ampallang!

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The Apadravya is the vertical counterpart of the Ampallang. It is mentioned in the Kama Sutra, an ancient Hindu classic on love and social behaviour. Its primary purpose is to enhance sexual excitement during intercourse.

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Best Dydoe Piercing in Australia


The Dydoe piercing is said to have its origins among men who wanted to regain some of the sensation they felt had been lost through the rite of circumcision. They are normally done in pairs using small Barbells on opposite sides of the upper rim of the glans or head of the penis, though small rings can also be used if preferred.

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The Guiche has its origins among men of the South Pacific Islands. The piercing is usually made at puberty through the perineum between the scrotum and the anus. A rawhide thong or piece of pigskin is placed through it although in today’s western society we recommend a bead ring or barbell as a suitably comfortable alternative!

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Piercing of the foreskin is done mainly for its decorative effect. It adds little to the pleasure of intercourse although some men find it erotic in foreplay particularly if they have a sensitive foreskin!

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Traditionally the piercing is placed between the testicle and the base of the penis where it is believed it will prevent the testicle returning to the groin from where it descended in childhood. Depending on the wealth and position of a family, elaborate and costly jewellery would often decorate hafada piercings.

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Genital Beading Pearling in Prahran, Melbourne, Australia

Beading / Pearling

Genital beading / Pearling has become very popular over the last few years and is the process in which balls are implanted under the loose tissue covering the shaft of the penis. This gives the penile shaft a lumpy look and a fun sexual texture. Some reports have been that the wearers sexual partner has loved the feeling.

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