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Labia Piercing

Labia Piercing professional piercers parlour Melbourne Australia The origins of labia piercings are much the same as for the male foreskin – as a means of imposing chastity through the practice of infibulation.

A ring or similar device is used to hold the labia together, closing the entrance to the vagina preventing the wearer from having intercourse and/or accessing the clitoris for stimulation. This practice has some attractions to aficionados of Bondage & Discipline scenes where such restraint can be very erotic.

Labia piercings are also very decorative and can be done singularly or in many pairs, depending on your anatomy. They are often placed higher than the vaginal entry to maximise stimulation to the clitoral area and minimise discomfort during penetration.

Rings and Circular Barbells are very popular in labia piercings, although a range of novelty jewellery including padlocks (working and non-working models!) are available if required! The addition of weights to healed labia piercings can also be very erotic and increase the sensitivity of the area.

Piercings of the inner labia tend to heal faster than the outer labia due to the different tissue types. The inner labia has a more profuse blood supply that tends to support rapid healing.


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