The Piercing Urge

Female Genital Piercings

The Piercing Urge offers a range of genital piercing services for women, focusing on safety and professionalism.


Clitoral Hood

This is by far the most popular genital piercing for women. The piercing is made through the loose tissue that covers the urethra and clitoris. Correctly placed it can provide extra clitoral stimulation during intercourse as well as being visually erotic. Many women also comment on its usefulness as a marker for the sometimes elusive clitoris during foreplay. There are two ways of piercing the clitoral hood – horizontally or vertically.

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Clitoris piercings can provide intense sexual stimulation for a woman. Some women find this piercing absolutely amazing for pleasure.

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Rings and Circular Barbells are very popular in labia piercings, although a range of novelty jewellery including padlocks (working and non-working models) are available if required! The addition of weights to healed labia piercings can also be very erotic and increase the sensitivity of the area.

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Female vaginal fourchette triangle piercing with Piercing Urge Melbourne

Triangle and Fourchette

Whilst the piercings listed above are the most common female genital piercings performed, there are often new piercings being developed. At The Piercing Urge we will only perform services that we feel are safe and have a good chance of success. If you wish to discuss alternatives please feel free to talk to our genital piercers for advice. Two unique piercings are the Fourchette and Triangle piercings.

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