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Tongue Piercings

Clean and safe tongue piercersPiercing of the tongue has become extremely popular in the past few years.

Some people like to ‘play’ with their jewellery, some find it visually attractive and many will say that oral sex is a whole new experience with a tongue barbell involved!

However, the tongue is an extremely important muscle involved in many essential daily functions and it is very important to have the tongue pierced by an experienced piercer who understands all aspects of placement, safety and proper aftercare.

The only jewellery that should ever be used in a tongue piercing is a barbell, which has been correctly sized. The risk of permanent injury is too great to contemplate the use of rings in tongue piercings.

At The Piercing Urge we have a wide range of interchangeable barbell ends making it possible to achieve a variety of different looks for your tongue piercing.


Tongue Piercing Gallery

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