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Nose Piercing

best prices on nose septum and nostril piercing in prahran, melbourne, australiaThe Piercing Urge offers professional, clean and safe piercing for both the nostrils and septum.


Nostril Piercing

The nostril can be pierced on either the left or right side with either a ring or a small stud. Hindu women traditionally have nostril piercings done to signify their betrothal and marriage status.

A wide variety of jewellery options are available for nostril piercings and jewelled studs are very popular. Correct placement is very important to the overall aesthetic value of the piercing.

Once again, earlobe piercings guns and earlobe studs are totally inappropriate for these piercings.


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Septum Piercing

Septum piercing - Best piercers parlour in Melbourne AustraliaThe septum piercing through the central cartilage separating the two nostrils has a very tribal look and feel about it. It is intended to make the wearer look fierce to an opponent and was traditionally worn by tribal warriors.

It is advisable to wear a U-shaped septum retainer during the healing period. The septum retainer is also useful in modern society for day to day use when discretion is required. It can be worn flipped up into the nose where it is invisible. So you can go to work in your business suit or attend that family function without anyone being aware that you have a septum piercing!

Once the piercing is healed, the retainer may be changed as required for other jewellery such as a ring or bone or metal tusks whenever the mood takes you!

Traditionally the Septum piercing is done through the central nasal cartilage. However, at The Piercing Urge we have developed a method of piercing which allows us to safely and accurately pierce through the skin in front of the cartilage known as the “Butter Spot”. This is less painful to pierce, provides easier healing, allows for easier stretching without discomfort, provides easier insertion and extraction of jewellery and provides an even greater degree of invisibility when required.

Septum piercing is now a very popular piercing to have done. Pierced in the soft tissue just inside the nose you can wear a retainer to hide it for work and the like or you can wear CBR’s, Circular barbells and septum spikes. With the growing popularity has come some exciting innovations in the range of jewellery available.


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