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Lip and Labret Piercing

Lip and Labret Piercing Melbourne Australia with best prices and piercersPiercings can be placed anywhere around the lips.

The Labret piercing, located in the centre below the lower lip, has its origins among tribes who often wore plugs in the piercing. It is closely related to the practice of stretching a hole below the lip to accommodate a large plate (usually of wood) which is used to signify status and is considered by some tribes to be a sign of beauty.

Placement of lip and labret piercings is particularly important so as to reduce any possible damage to teeth and gums. Today we have specially designed Labret Studs with flat discs to be worn on the inside of the mouth to improve comfort. The jewellery available from The Piercing Urge also has a wide range of interchangeable balls, gems and spike ends giving a variety of different looks that can be achieved by the wearer. Rings can also be a popular choice and we have a large range of these that are suitable for the Lip as well.

The Labret stud is also popular for ‘Beauty Spot’ piercings usually done on the upper lip on the left or right side. In recent times this is often referred to as the ‘Madonna’ or ‘Monroe’ piercing after the singer and entertainers’ birthmarks. A piercing in the centre up the upper lip is usually referred to as a ‘Medusa’ or ‘Philtrum’.



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