The Piercing Urge

Facial Piercings

Male and Female Professional Genuine Australian facial piercings with stricly clean studioFacial piercing is one of the most common and popular forms of body piercing and has been practiced for centuries. 

Facial piercing is mostly done for decorative reasons but in some cultures there can be social or religious significance attached to some piercings. e.g. nostril piercing among Hindu women.



Eyebrow piercing has no known historical origins of religious or social significance. It is simply a decorative piercing which has become very popular in recent times. The jewellery of choice is either a ring or small barbell although a range of spikes, quills and other tribal adornments are also popular among people looking for a tribal or cyber punk type look. Just be careful that whatever you put in an eyebrow piercing cannot cause damage to the eye itself.

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Lip and Labret Piercing in Prahran VIC

Lip and Labret

Piercings can be placed anywhere around the lips. However, practicality often determines the exact site of a lip piercing. The Labret piercing, located in the centre below the lower lip, has its origins among tribes who often wore bones, quills and spikes in the piercing.

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There are two main types of piercing that can be done on the nose – the Nostril and the Septum.

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Piercing of the tongue has become extremely popular in the past few years.  Some people like to ‘play’ with their jewellery, some find it visually attractive and many will say that oral sex is a whole new experience with a tongue barbell involved!

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