The Piercing Urge

Cartilage Piercing

Getting cartilage pierced in Melbourne AustraliaPiercings along the outer edge of the ear and through the shell or conch area are also very popular. These are known as cartilage piercings because not only is the skin pierced but also the stiff cartilage material under the skin, which maintains the shape and rigidity of the outer ear.

An ear piercing gun is totally inappropriate for cartilage piercings as damage can be caused to the cartilage leading to long term healing problems and often unsightly lumps developing as the result of shattered cartilage. Earring sleepers are also unsuitable for cartilage piercings because of the sharp edges of the hinges which can also cause problems with healing. Correct placement when done with a piercing gun can also be difficult if not impossible.

Once healed there are many variations and options for jewellery in cartilage piercings.


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Tragus Piercing

Tragus ear piercing, modification and jewellery Prahran Melbourne Victoria Australia

The Tragus is the small flap of skin covered cartilage that sits at the entrance to the ear canal and this also is a popular site for piercing.

Not everyone has a Tragus suited to piercing but if you do, a small ring is the most appropriate jewellery.

Once again, this area should never be pierced with a piercing gun.




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Other Piercings

all other types of ear piercingsAll ear piercings fall into either lobe or cartilage categories.

Even the Tragus is actually a cartilage piercing. However, it is becoming increasingly popular today to use a piece of jewellery to connect two or more piercings to each other. A good example of this is what is known as the Industrial Piercing where a Barbell is used to connect two cartilage piercings. These can look really good but it is best to have each piercing done individually and only link them up when they are both healed.



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