The Piercing Urge

Ear Piercings

Ear piercings piercers parlour in Melbourne Australia - clean and professional.Ear piercings are by far the most popular form of piercing.

The ears are highly visible and there is a wide variety of options and jewellery that can be worn.



Piercings along the outer edge of the ear and through the shell or conch area are also very popular. These are known as cartilage piercings because not only is the skin pierced but also the stiff cartilage material under the skin, which maintains the shape and rigidity of the outer ear.

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Ear Lobe Piercing with sterile piercing needles


The earlobe is the most frequently pierced part of the ear. A wide range of other body jewellery can also be used. Earlobes lend themselves to being stretched fairly easily to accommodate a range of jewellery options from rings through quills and bones to plates and metal and plastic tubes! Avery ‘tribal’ look can be obtained with some of these options.

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Lobe Stretching

A word of caution regarding stretching of piercings. All piercings, once healed and left to mature for a time are capable of being stretched to accommodate larger and thicker jewellery. How far they can be stretched will depend upon the site of the piercing, its age, state of healing and current size of the hole. The earlobe for instance can be stretched far more easily, often and further than most other body piercings. Before attempting to stretch a piercing you are advised to consult a professional body piercer who can advise you and provide stretching services if appropriate.

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Dermal Punching

Dermal punching is very useful for those wanting large holes in Cartilage. Stretching the Cartilage is very difficult, so starting from a larger size is really the way to go. Dermal Punching is available from 2mm-8mm

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Lobe Scalpelling

Lobe scalpelling is similar to dermal punching however it gives a much better result in the lobe compared to a dermal punch. A scalpel is used to make an incision in the lobe and from there large jewellery can be inserted, and once healed can be stretched even further. Hole sizes available are 6mm-12mm.

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