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Male and Female Nipple Piercing at The Piercing Urge Melbourne VIC NSWThe nipple is another form of body piercing which has enjoyed popularity in many civilisations and cultures.

In Roman times, pierced nipples were a sign of ownership when worn by slaves, but when worn by soldiers, they were a sign of bravery and masculinity and courage. It is said that Roman Centurions used nipple rings as a dressing accessory to hold their cloaks in place!

Without doubt nipple piercing has very sensual connotations, and one of its advantages is that it can increase sensitivity of the nipple providing additional pleasure when played with. Properly placed nipple piercing can also be very visually appealing.

For women the most common concern is the effect of a piercing on the ability to breast feed. If the piercing is performed correctly, there should be no problems with lactation and many women successfully breast feed with nipple piercings.

The most critical factor for a successful nipple piercing is correct sizing of the jewellery to be inserted. If this is too small it can seriously affect the healing process.

Nipple piercing can also be a simple step to correct inverted nipples. By piercing the nipple it is forced to remain outside the body and in some cases over time the jewellery can be removed and the Nipple will remain out.


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