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Body Piercings

Genuine and Professional Australian Body Piercing in MelbourneThe two most demanded types of body piercing we are currently asked to perform are nipple and navel piercings.

 Professional, Clean and Safe stomach belly navel piercing Piercing Urge Studio Parlour Melbourne


Piercing of the navel has been popular in many cultures and continues its popularity today. It is said to have been a sign of royalty to the Egyptians and wearing a jewel in the navel has always been very popular in middle eastern countries where belly dancing is considered an erotic and sensuous form of dancing.

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The nipple is another form of body piercing which has enjoyed popularity in many civilisations and cultures. In Roman times, pierced nipples were a sign of ownership when worn by slaves, but when worn by soldiers, they were a sign of bravery and masculinity and courage. It is said that Roman Centurions used nipple rings as a dressing accessory to hold their cloaks in place!

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