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The Piercing Urge Tattoo Scarification Piercing Parlour Staff and ArtistsProfessional staff dedicated to providing body art of the utmost quality in a clean and safe environment.

The staff in our studios are all trained by us to provide the highest quality body piercing, tattooing and scarification services available in Australia. They are not only trained in all aspects of body art techniques and sterile procedures, but are fully conversant with all the various types and designs of body jewellery, tattoos, scarification, and can answer your questions and advise you on what is best suited to your needs.

They are also very friendly and expert at guiding you through your piercing, tattoo and scarification experience with understanding and compassion. All of our staff have body art of one kind or another so they know what you are going through!

We employ both male and female body piercers so that if you have a preference for one or the other we can happily accomodate your needs.


Peter Sheringham

Owner, Body Piercer and Scarifcation Artist

Liked the business so much he bought it. After starting to pierce in 1992, Pete then went on to specialise in genital piercing, surface piercing, ear projects and to practise scarification and some other heavier mods. Pete also attended the APP conference in the late 90’s and hopes one day to be able to go back again. His motto is “you learn something new everyday”.

View Pete Sheringham’s scarifation portfolio here.

Fiona Skipper


Fiona has a unique style of tattooing which ranges from cute and feminine to more dark figurative illustrative work.

View Fiona Skipper’s tattooing portfolio here.

Reece Dillon


Reece enjoys Neo-Traditional styles with his own special spin on it.

View Reece Dillon’s tattooing portfolio here.

Krys C, tattooist at The Piercing Urge.

Krys C


Hailing from Newfoundland, Canada, and tattooing since 2004, Krys is an incredibly versatile artist who has worked in a number of international shops from San Francisco to Köln. She is comfortable working in a wide variety of styles from illustrative to old school, and oriental to cursive script.

View Krys C’s tattooing portfolio here.

Ran Maclurkin, The Grim Ruiner tattooist.

Ran Maclurkin


The Grim Ruiner

Is it actually anything? A cog in your head, tattooed eyes, a broken back repaired with steel and bone. It has little care from the mundane, yet upmost sympathy for the fallen. Death is to be run from, for as long as one can run. An average fabricator, a competent mechanic, willing to just fucking do it, very little time for that which it does not like, New is generally shit, old is to be respected and life is a single shot of alcohol.

Enjoy it, and fuck your fame, its all in your mind.

God is a dream created through fear.

Satan is an amusing idea.

View Ran Maclurkin’s tattooing portfolio here.

Suzanne, professional body piercer.


Body Piercer

Suzanne trained with The Piercing Urge back in 2012 and has worked in a couple of other studios before joining our team this year. Suzanne has just come back from this years (2015) APP (Association of Professional Piercers) annual conference in Las Vegas where she brushed up on and enhanced her skill set. We are very pleased to have her on our team.

Eloise, female professional body piercer.


Body Piercer

Eloise is a professional body piercer who has been passionate about the body art and modification industry from an early age and is looking forward to meeting all of you. With 4 years in the industry, Eloise is well versed in piercing and likes to specialise in ear projects.



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